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    • War memorials, between propaganda and history: Mleeta Landmark and Hezbollah 

      Rey-Garcia, Pablo; Rivas-Nieto, Pedro; McGowan, Nadia (1) (Cultural Trends, 2020)
      War memorials have been historically used as propaganda tools that facilitated the creation of a collective memory about past actions. With the rise of the society of leisure and gamification, new strategies to reach these ...
    • Wavelets for the Maxwell's equations: An overview 

      Amat, Sergio; Blázquez Tobias, Pedro J. (1); Busquier, Sonia; Bermúdez, Concepción (Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 09/2017)
      In recent years wavelets decompositions have been widely used in computational Maxwell’s curl equations, to effectively resolve complex problems. In this paper, we review different types of wavelets that we can consider, ...
    • Weaker conditions for inexact mutitpoint Newton-like methods 

      Argyros, Ioannis K; Magreñán, Á. Alberto; Moreno-Mediavilla, Daniel (1); Orcos, Lara (1); Sicilia, Juan Antonio (1) (Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, 01/2020)
      In this paper we study the problem of analyzing the convergence both local and semilocal of inexact Newton-like methods for approximating the solution of an equation in which there exists nondifferentiability. We will ...
    • Web 2.0 tools for role-play methodology in an undergraduate interdisciplinary environment 

      Castillo Rodríguez, Cristina (1); Ríos Moyano, Sonia; Cristófol Rodríguez, Carmen; Carrasco Santos, María-Jesús (Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico, 2013)
      The main aim of this work is, first of all, to propose an activity by means of a the active methodology called roleplay in an interdisciplinary context, that is to say, an activity that pleads for the interaction ...
    • La Web 2.0 y yo: proyecto para el fomento de competencias digitales 

      Pérez Escoda, Ana (1) (Educar para los nuevos medios. Claves para el desarrollo de la competencia mediática en el entorno digital, 2018)
      Capítulo del libro "Educar para los nuevos medios. Claves para el desarrollo de la competencia mediática en el entorno digital"
    • Web accessibility and usability evaluation methodology for people with Down syndrome 

      Alonso-Virgós, Lucía (1); Rodríguez Baena, Luis (1); González-Crespo, Rubén (1) (Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI, 06/2020)
      This work describes the methodological process carried out during an investigation that aimed to publish a list of useful web accessibility and usability guidelines and recommendations for users with Down syndrome. The ...
    • Web Page Design Recommendations for People with Down Syndrome Based on Users' Experiences 

      Alonso-Virgós, Lucía (1); Rodríguez Baena, Luis (1); Pascual-Espada, Jórdan; González-Crespo, Rubén (1) (Sensors, 11/2018)
      At present, there is a high number of people with Down syndrome interested and trained to be an active part of society. According to the data extracted by our surveys we know that only 6% of the population with Down syndrome ...
    • Web Traffic Time Series Forecasting Using LSTM Neural Networks with Distributed Asynchronous Training 

      Casado-Vara, Roberto; Martin del Rey, Angel; Pérez-Palau, Daniel (1); de-la-Fuente-Valentín, Luis (1); Corchado, Juan M. (Mathematics, 2021)
      Evaluating web traffic on a web server is highly critical for web service providers since, without a proper demand forecast, customers could have lengthy waiting times and abandon that website. However, this is a challenging ...
    • Web-Based Mindfulness Interventions for Mental Health Treatment: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

      Sevilla-Llewellyn-Jones, Julia; Santesteban-Echarri, Olga (1); Pryor, Ingrid; Alvarez-Jimenez, Mario (Journal of Medical Internet Research, 09/2018)
      Background: Web-based mindfulness interventions are increasingly delivered through the internet to treat mental health conditions. Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of web-based ...
    • Las webs corporativas de museos como herramientas para la transparencia 

      Cordón Benito, David (1); Maestro Espínola, Lidia (1) (Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, 2017)
      Introducción. El entorno en el que operan las organizaciones se ha tambaleado en los últimos años. Los casos de corrupción, las prácticas poco éticas y la crisis económica han desembocado en una nueva complejidad en la que ...
    • Western Mexico seismic source model for the seismic hazard assessment of the Jalisco-Colima-Michoacan region 

      Sawires, Rashad; Santoyo, Miguel A.; Peláez, José A; Henares, Jesús (1) (Natural Hazards, 11/2020)
      The Mexican subduction zone, the Gulf of California spreading center, as well as the triple junction point around the Jalisco and the Michoacan Blocks, represents the most active seismogenic belts inducing seismic hazard ...
    • What influences consumers’ intention to purchase organic personal care products? The role of social reassurance 

      Zollo, Lamberto; Carranza, Rocío (1); Faraoni, Mónica; Díaz, Estrella; Martin-Consuegra, David (Journal of retailing and consumer services, 2021)
      Green and organic markets have grown rapidly in recent times, thanks to the increasing global popularity of having a healthier lifestyle. Rising consumer awareness of the risks of synthetic chemicals for humans as well as ...
    • What is wrong with the IMS Learning de sign specification? Constraints and rec-ommendations 

      Burgos, Daniel (1) (Proceedings ABIS 2010, 10/2010)
      The work presented in this paper summarizes the research performed in order to implement a set of Units of Learning (UoLs) focused on adaptive learning processes, using the specification IMS Learning Design (IMS-LD). Through ...
    • What is wrong with the IMS learning design specification? constraints and recommendations 

      Burgos, Daniel (1) (LWA. Lernen, Wissen und Adaptivitat, 10/2010)
      The work presented in this paper summarizes the research performed in order to implement a set of Units of Learning (UoLs) focused on adaptive learning processes, using the specification IMS Learning Design (IMS-LD). Through ...
    • What Percentage of Travelers Are Writing Hotel Reviews? 

      Mellinas, Juan Pedro (1) (Trends in tourist behavior: new products and experiences from Europe, 2019)
      Researchers have been using hotel reviews databases as a source of information, publishing hundreds of papers during the last decade with data from TripAdvisor, and similar websites. This paper uses a sample ...
    • What Role does Corporate Governance Play in the Intention to Use Cloud Computing Technology? 

      Palos-Sánchez, Pedro R (1); Robina Ramírez, Rafael; Velicia-Martín, Félix (Symmetry - Basel, 10/2019)
      This paper aims to investigate the factors which promote the adoption of cloud-based technology. It strives for a better understanding of the impact of corporate governance on the adoption of this technology. This study ...
    • Which are the risk factors of violence in mental illness? A scoping review 

      Moreno-Calvete, María Concepción; González-Fraile, Eduardo (1); Uriarte-Uriarte, JJ; Ruiz-Ibáñez, I; Santos-Zorrozua, Borja; Ballesteros, Javier (European Psychiatry, 2019)
      Documento de trabajo sobre psiquiatría
    • Which is or should be the ideal level of participation of students of higher education in their own education? 

      Ortega-Mohedano, José (1); Rodríguez-Conde, Mª José (ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2018)
      The global objective of this work is to contribute to the field of evaluation of the quality of higher education developed by higher education institutions (HEIs) from a multidimensional perspective, that considers all ...
    • Whole Genome Interpretation for a Family of Five 

      Corpas, Manuel (1); Megy, Karyn; Mistry, Vanisha; Metastasio, Antonio; Lehmann, Edmund (Frontiers in Genetics, 2021)
      Although best practices have emerged on how to analyse and interpret personal genomes, the utility of whole genome screening remains underdeveloped. A large amount of information can be gathered from various types of ...
    • Why is the Spanish hotel trade lagging so far behind in gender equality? A sustainability question 

      Carrasco Santos, María-Jesús; Cristófol Rodríguez, Carmen (1); Royo Rodríguez, Eva (Sustainability (Switzerland), 01/06/2020)
      There are far more women than men who hold higher qualifications in tourism, but nevertheless, inequalities still prevail on executive committees in the tourism industry. Society nowadays is aware that gender inequality ...