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    • Laguerre-like method for multiple zeros 

      Magreñán, Á. Alberto (1); Argyros, Ioannis K (Contemporary study of iterative methods: convergence, dynamics and applications, 2018)
      In this chapter the applicability of the Laguerre-like method for finding multiple zeros is extended. Numerical examples are also presented.
    • Land- and pool-based intervention in female fibromyalgia patients: A randomized-controlled trial 

      Acosta-Gallego, Agusti (1); Ruiz-Montero, Pedro Jesús; Castillo-Rodríguez, Alfonso (Turkish Journal of Phisical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2018)
      Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the effect of a standard physical rehabilitation intervention (SPRI) program, in pool-based (SPRI-P) and land-based (SPRI-L) environments, applied to female fibromyalgia (FM) ...
    • Language, gender and sexual identity: Poststructuralist perspectives Heiko Motschenbacher (2010) and An interdisciplinary bibliography on language, gender and sexuality (2000-2011) Heiko Motschenbacher (2012) 

      Acuña Ferreira, Virginia (1) (Sociolinguistics Studies, 2016)
      Reseña de: "Language, gender and sexual identity: Poststructuralist perspectives Heiko Motschenbacher" de John Benjamins. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Pp. xii + 209 ISBN: 978 90 272 1868 1 (Hb; alk. Paper) ...
    • Lateral solids meso-mixing in pseudo-2D fluidized beds by means of TFM simulations 

      Hernández- Jiménez, Fernando; Sánchez-Prieto, Javier (1); Cano-Pleite, Eduardo; Soria-Verdugo, Antonio (Powder Technology, 07/2018)
      This work studies the solids mixing process in fluidized beds by means of numerical simulations using the two-fluid model (TFM) available in the MFIX code. The numerical results are compared with experiments conducted in ...
    • El latir de los patrimonios: “capturando” narrativas colectivas 

      Marañón Martínez de la Puente, Ruth (1) (Revista De La Facultad De Educación De Albacete, 2019)
      Envueltos en un contexto de viñedos y cereal, de olivos centenarios y un manantial de arroyos y riachuelos que descansan en el río Ebro, Rioja Alavesa fue el marco elegido para investigar acerca de las posibilidades del ...
    • Laughing to forget or to remember? Anne Frank memes and mediatization of Holocaust memory 

      González-Aguilar, Juan-Manuel (1); Makhortykh, Mykola (Media Culture & Society, 2022)
      The rise of user-generated content (UGC), such as internet memes and amateur videos, enables new possibilities for mediatization of the past. However, these possibilities can facilitate not only more diverse and less ...
    • Lavrentiev Regularization methods for Ill-posed equations 

      Argyros, Ioannis K; Magreñán, Á. Alberto (1) (Iterative Methods and Their Dynamics with Applications: A Contemporary Study, 2017)
      In this chapter, we consider the problem of approximately solving the nonlinear ill-posed operator equation of the form F(x) = y, (9.1) where F : D(F) ⊂ X → X is a monotone operator and X is a real Hilbert space. We denote ...
    • Law, Knowledge and Action in Suárez 

      González-Ginocchio, David (1) (Scientia Et Fides, 2017)
      This paper explores some presuppositions in Francisco Suarez's theory of law. I intend to show that his doctrine of law can be understood more deeply attending to the role the intellect and the will play in its genesis, ...
    • Laws and Emerging Technologies 

      Salmerón-Manzano, Esther (1) (Laws, 2021)
      New technologies and so-called communication and information technologies are transforming our society, the way in which we relate to each other, and the way we understand the world. By a wider extension, they are also ...
    • Lead and cadmium in soils of La Rioja vineyards Spain 

      Marín, Álvaro; Andrades, Marisol; Iñigo Mendezo, Victoria (1); Jiménez-Ballesta, Raimundo (Land Degradation and Developement, 05/2016)
      Land degradation can be triggered by the abuse of chemicals that damage soil quality. Agriculture is changing the chemical and physical properties of soils, and in vineyards, those changes are due to the use of pesticides. ...
    • Learner Analysis of Chinese MOOCs 

      Zheng, Qinhua; Li, Chen; Burgos, Daniel (1) (Lecture Notes in Educational Technology, 2018)
      Learning is fundamentally an activity conducted by learners, so it is necessary to pay attention to Chinese learners of MOOCs in this study and to listen to their voice. What do we know about them? How are they learning ...
    • Learning based on the stem model and the key to meta-cognition 

      Bautista Vallejo, José Manuel; Hernández-Carrera, Rafael M. (1); Vieira Fernández, Ignacio (Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2020)
      In the integrated learning model, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), teaching and learning processes are based on active, manipulative, constructivist and discovery-oriented methodologies. The practical ...
    • Learning from the sales conversion rate throughout its product life cycle analysis: A case of study for the Spanish automotive sector 

      Saco, Manuela; Galiano, Aida (1); Rodríguez, Vicente (1) (E a M: Ekonomie a Management, 2020)
      The scientific literature has not considered that the conversion rate in sales could have an irregular behaviour throughout the Product Life Cycle (PLC). The main contribution of this article is to reveal this unequal ...
    • Learning history by composing synthesis texts. Effects of an instructional programme on learning, reading and writing processes and text quality 

      Martínez, Isabel (1); Mateos, Mar; Martín, Elena; Rijlaarsdam, Gert (Journal of Writing Research, 07/2015)
      The combination of reading and writing can be a powerful tool for learning content. Previous research has shown the learning potential of the integrated use of these processes in what have come to be known as "hybrid tasks". ...
    • Learning Management Systems Activity Records for Students' Assessment of Generic Skills 

      de-la-Fuente-Valentín, Luis (1); Ortega-Gómez, Miguel (1); Dodero, Juan Manuel; Burgos, Daniel (1); Balderas, Antonio (IEEE Access, 2018)
      Students' acquisition of generic skills is a key to their incorporation into the job world. However, teachers encounter several difficulties when measuring their students' performance in generic skills. These difficulties ...
    • Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement 

      Muelas, Álvaro (1); Navarro-Asencio, Enrique (1) (2015)
      Currently, there is a great concern, in the educational field, about low students' achievement. Through this study, we can see how, given the central role of the brain, using learning strategies by students improve their ...
    • Learning Support of MOOCs in China 

      Zheng, Qinhua; Chen, Li; Burgos, Daniel (1) (Lecture Notes in Educational Technology, 2018)
      MOOCs’ high dropout rate has been widely criticized. It is one of the measures to reduce the dropout rate by establishing a perfect learning support service system and enhancing the learning support service capacity. This ...
    • Learning to Believe: Challenges in Children’s Acquisition of a World-Picture in Wittgenstein’s On Certainty 

      Ariso Salgado, José María (1) (Studies in Philosophy and Education, 10/09/2014)
      Wittgenstein scholars have tended to interpret the acquisition of certainties, and by extension, of a world-picture, as the achievement of a state in which these certainties are assimilated in a seemingly unconscious way ...
    • Learning with Older Adults through Intergenerational Service Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education 

      Ruiz-Montero, Pedro J.; Chiva-Bartoll, Óscar; Salvador-García, Celina (1); González-García, Higinio (Sustainability, 02/2020)
      Background: The population of older adults is growing faster but most of them experience physical, psychological, and social limitations. Higher education should reflect these concerns by providing students appropriate ...
    • La lectura digital como tapiz cognitivo 

      Mora, Vicente Luis (1) (Insula-Revista de letras y ciencias humanas, 2021)
      La lectura digital como tapiz cognitivo