Documentos de la colección

  • Prediction of Uptake of Carbamazepine and Diclofenac in Reclaimed Water-Irrigated Lettuces by Machine Learning Techniques 

    Martínez-España, Raquel; Bueno-Crespo, Andrés; González García, Mariano (1); Fernández-López, Carmen (Agriculture and environment perspectives in intelligent systems, 2019)
    Currently, due to the global shortage of water, the use of reclaimed water from the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) for the irrigation of crops is an alternative in areas with water scarcity. However, the use of this ...
  • What Percentage of Travelers Are Writing Hotel Reviews? 

    Mellinas, Juan Pedro (1) (Trends in tourist behavior: new products and experiences from Europe, 2019)
    Researchers have been using hotel reviews databases as a source of information, publishing hundreds of papers during the last decade with data from TripAdvisor, and similar websites. This paper uses a sample ...
  • 3D Object Reconstruction Using Concatenated Matrices with MS Kinect: A Contribution to Interiors Architecture 

    Buele, Jorge (1); Varela-Aldás, José; Castellanos, Esteban X.; Jadán-Guerrero, Janio; Barberán, Jeneffer (Lecture notes in computer science (including subseries lecture notes in artificial intelligence and lecture notes in bioinformatics), 2020)
    Interior architecture is part of the individual, social and business life of the human being; it allows structuring the spaces to inhabit, study or work. This document presents the design and implementation of a system ...