Documentos de la comunidad

  • Crowdfunding in the Spanish Publishing Industry 

    Magadan Díaz, Marta (1); Rivas García, Jesús Israel (1) (Publishing Research Quarterly, 06/2019)
    This article analyzes the effects of crowdfunding on the processes of generating value in Spanish publishing companies in order to understand the extent to which their use can be integrated and modify the existing publishing ...
  • Chronic Stress Modulates Interneuronal Plasticity: Effects on PSA-NCAM and Perineuronal Nets in Cortical and Extracortical Regions 

    Pesarico, Ana Paula; Bueno-Fernandez, Clara; Guirado, Ramón; Gómez-Climent, María Ángeles (1); Curto, Yasmina; Carceller, Hector; Nacher, Juan (Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 07/05/2019)
    Chronic stress has an important impact on the adult brain. However, most of the knowledge on its effects is focused on principal neurons and less on inhibitory neurons. Consequently, recent reports have begun to describe ...
  • Design of ISD-1: an instrument for social diagnosis in care homes for older persons 

    Cury, Silvia Patricia (1); Arias Astray, Andrés; Palacios Gómez, José Luis (European Journal of Social Work, 04/05/2019)
    This article describes the design process and main features of an instrument developed for use in the specialist area of intervention in care homes for older persons. The essential aim of ISD-1 (instrument for social ...