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    • Predicting academic skills in 9-year-olds: intelligence quotient, executive functions, and emotional intelligence 

      Martín-Requejo, Katya (1); Santiago-Ramajo, Sandra (1) (Electronic Journal of research in educational psychology, 2021)
      Introducción. Todavía faltan datos concluyentes sobre la aportación del conjunto formado por el cociente intelectual, las funciones ejecutivas y la inteligencia emocional sobre las habilidades académicas. Método. Ello ...
    • Predicting conversion to multiple sclerosis by assessing cognitive impairment in radiologically isolated syndrome 

      Domingo-Santos, Ángela; Labiano-Fontcuberta, Andrés; Aladro-Benito, Yolanda; Martínez-Gines, M. Luisa; Ayuso-Peralta, Lucía; Puertas-Martín, Verónica (1); Cerezo-García, Marta (1); Higueras-Hernández, Yolanda; Mato-Abad, Virginia; Álvarez-Linera, Juan; Hernández-Tamames, Juan Antonio; Benito-León, Julián (Multiple sclerosis and related disorders, 2021)
      Up to a third of patients with radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) exhibit lower-than-expected cognitive performances in neuropsychological evaluations, but the relationship between cognitive impairment (CI) and ...
    • Predicting cooperative work satisfaction of autonomous groups using a wiki tool in higher education 

      García, Consuelo (1); Privado, Jesús (1) (Routledge, 2020)
      This article reports the findings of a study on cooperative factors that predict higher education students’ satisfaction with using collaborative online tools. Although there is evidence of relationships between certain ...
    • Predicting ore content throughout a machine learning procedure – An Sn-W enrichment case study 

      Iglesias Comesaña, Carla; Antunes, Margarida; Albuquerque, Teresa; Martínez Torres, Javier (1); Taboada, Javier (Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 01/2020)
      The distribution patterns of trace elements are very useful for predicting mineral deposits occurrence. Machine learning techniques were used for the computation of adequate models in trace elements' prediction. The main ...
    • Predicting pain among female survivors of recent interpersonal violence: A proof-of-concept machine-learning approach 

      Lannon, Edward; Sanchez-Saez, Francisco (1); Bailey, Brooklynn; Hellman, Natalie; Kinney, Kerry; Williams, Amber; Nag, Subodh; Kutcher, Matthew E.; Goodin, Burel R; Rao, Uma; Morris, Matthew C. (Public Library of Science, 2021)
      Interpersonal violence (IPV) is highly prevalent in the United States and is a major public health problem. The emergence and/or worsening of chronic pain are known sequelae of IPV; however, not all those who experience ...
    • Predicting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Survivors of Recent Interpersonal Violence 

      Morris, Matthew C.; Sanchez-Saez, Francisco (1); Bailey, Brooklynn; Hellman, Natalie; Williams, Amber; Schumacher, Julie A.; Rao, Uma (SAGE Journals, 2020)
      A substantial minority of women who experience interpersonal violence will develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One critical challenge for preventing PTSD is predicting whose acute posttraumatic stress symptoms ...
    • Predicting the ideological orientation during the Spanish 24M elections in Twitter using machine learning 

      Cristiano Prati, Ronaldo; Said-Hung, Elías Manuel (1) (AI and Society, 01/09/2019)
      Through the application of machine learning techniques, this paper aims to estimate the importance of messages with ideological load during the elections held in Spain on May 24th, 2015 posted by Twitter’s users, as well ...
    • Prediction of the penetration of drugs by Artificial Neural Networks 

      Gonzalez-Temes, M.; Astray, Gonzalo; Morales, Jorge; Mejuto, Juan C; Astray, Gonzalo (1) (Proceedings of the 2013 8TH Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI 2013), 2013)
      In this study an Artificial Neural Network was developed to predict the penetration of drugs through a polydimethylsiloxane membrane by molecular descriptors. A total of 245 drugs and their absorption experimentally ...
    • Prediction of Uptake of Carbamazepine and Diclofenac in Reclaimed Water-Irrigated Lettuces by Machine Learning Techniques 

      Martínez-España, Raquel; Bueno-Crespo, Andrés; González García, Mariano (1); Fernández-López, Carmen (Agriculture and environment perspectives in intelligent systems, 2019)
      Currently, due to the global shortage of water, the use of reclaimed water from the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) for the irrigation of crops is an alternative in areas with water scarcity. However, the use of this ...
    • Predictive Outcome Validity of General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28) in Substance Abuse Patients Treated in Therapeutic Communities 

      Vergara-Moragues, Esperanza (1); González-Saiz, Francisco (Journal of Dual Diagnosis, 04/2020)
      Objective: The use of psychoactive substances has been one of the most important global public health problems over the last few decades. Among the problems associated with substance use, dual diagnosis is one of the most ...
    • Predictive text analysis using eye blinks 

      Chaudhary, Gopal; Lamba, Puneet Singh; Jolly, Harman Singh; Poply, Sakaar; Khari, Manju; Verdú, Elena (1) (Elsevier Ltd, 2021)
      The current work aims to facilitate interaction with others to those with the inability to perform activities requiring motor skills or those who cannot speak. It proposes a modus operandi or a system based on Histogram ...
    • Predictors of Hepatitis C Treatment Failure After Using Direct-Acting Antivirals in People Living With Human Immunodeficiency Virus 

      Cachay, Edward R.; Mena, Alvaro; Morano, Luis; Benitez, Laura; Maida, Ivana; Ballard, Craig; Soriano, Vicente (1); al.; Mathews, Wm. C. (Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 03/2019)
      Background. Little is known about the influence of ongoing barriers to care in the persistence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) viremia after treatment with direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) among people living with human ...
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      Sim, Kevin; Kaufmann, Paul; Ascheid, Gerd; Bacardit, Jaume; Cagnoni, Stefano; Cotta, Carlos; D’Andreagiovanni, Fabio; al.; Mora, Antonio M (1) (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018)
      21st International Conference on Applications of Evolutionary Computation, EvoApplications 2018; parma; Italy; 4 April 2018 through 6 April 2018
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      Burgos, Daniel (1); Ducange, Pietro; Picerno, Pietro; Stracke, Christian M; Cimitile, Marta; Pecori, Ricardo; Raviolo, Paolo (Communications in Computer and Information Science, 2019)
      Editorial del libro "Communications in Computer and Information Science. vol. 1091"
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      Argyros, Ioannis K; Magreñán, Á. Alberto (1) (Iterative Methods and Their Dynamics with Applications: A Contemporary Study, 2017)
      Capítulo del libro "Iterative Methods and Their Dynamics with Applications"
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      Pang, C.; Chen, G.; Chen, L.; Zhang, B.; Li, Q.; Gao, Y.; Popescu, E.; Hao, T.; Navarro, S.M.B. (1); Klamma, R. (Lecture notes in computer science (including subseries lecture notes in artificial intelligence and lecture notes in bioinformatics), 2021)
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      Agrati, L.S.; Burgos, Daniel (1); Ducange, P.; Limone, P.; Perla, L.; Picerno, P.; Raviolo, P.; Stracke, C.M. (Communications in computer and information science, 2021)
    • Preface of the "iterative Procedures for Solving Nonlinear Problems" 

      Cordero, Alicia; Magreñán, Á. Alberto (1); Torregrosa, Juan Ramón (AIP Conference Proceedings, 2018)
      Ponencia de la conferencia "International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, ICNAAM 2017; The MET HotelThessaloniki; Greece; 25 September 2017 through 30 September 2017"
    • Preface: Radical Solutions and Open Science. Lecture Notes in Education Technology 

      Burgos, Daniel (1) (Radical Solutions and Open Science. Lecture Notes in Education Technology, 2020)
      This open access book presents how Open Science is a powerful tool to boost Higher Education. The book introduces the reader into Open Access, Open Technology, Open Data, Open Research results, Open Licensing, Open ...
    • Preliminary Analysis of Development Programs Performance 

      Calzadilla Daguerre, Jesus(1); Lopez, J. L. (1); Villa Perez, Aurelio (1); Fortini, J. (Proceedings Icabr 2015: X. International Conference on Applied Business Reserch, 2015)
      The regional development programs promoted by the national governments and international multilateral agencies, like the World Bank and the Inter American Development Bank, are oriented to public policies under which public ...