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    • A proposal to facilitate the effective use of textbooks to future mathematics teachers 

      Arnal, M.; Arteaga Martínez, Blanca ; Baeza, M. A.; Cid, A. I.; Claros, F. J.; Joglar, N.; Macías Sánchez, Jesús ; al.; Tolmos, P. (Investigacion en educación matemática XX, 2016)
      20th Annual Symposium of the Spanish-Society-of-Research-in-Mathematical-Education (SEIEM)
    • Clinical experience with integrase inhibitors in HIV-2-infected individuals in Spain 

      Requena, S.; Lozano, A. B.; Caballero, Estrella; García, F.; Nieto, M. C.; Tellez, R.; al.; Soriano, Vicente (Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 05/2019)
      Background: HIV-2 is a neglected virus despite estimates of 1-2 million people being infected worldwide. The virus is naturally resistant to some antiretrovirals used to treat HIV-1 and therapeutic options are limited for ...
    • Clinical Presentation of Individuals With Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type-1 Infection in Spain 

      Mendoza, Carmen de; Pirón, María; González, Rocío; Jiménez, Ana; Caballero, Estrella; Roc, Lourdes; Benito, Rafael; Soriano, Vicente ; Corral, Octavio Jorge ; al.; Gómez-Gallego, Felix (Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 02/2019)
      Background. Although only 8%-10% of persons infected with human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1) may develop virus-associated diseases lifelong, misdiagnosis of asymptomatic infected carriers frequently leads to late ...
    • Game·Tel: An approach to multi-format and multi-device accessible engineering education 

      Anido, Luis; Burgos, Daniel ; Caeiro, Manuel; Torrente, Javier; Fernández, Manuel; González, Javier; al. (2011 Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), 2011)
      Game·Tel is an open source software system that supports personalized learning, focusing on serious games and simulations, making these and traditional content accessible and adaptive to the student and educational context. ...
    • HIV co-infection in HTLV-1 carriers in Spain 

      Mendoza, Carmen de; Caballero, Estrella; Aguilera, Antonio; Benito, Rafael; Maciá, Dolores; García-Costa, Juan; Soriano, Vicente ; Corral, Octavio Jorge ; Gómez-Gallego, Felix ; al.; Morano, Luis (Virus Research, 06/2019)
      Background: Human retroviruses HIV and HTLV share transmission routes. HIV widely spread in Spain during the 80 s through injection drug use and sex, and nowadays HIV rates in Spain account for one of the largest in Europe. ...
    • HTLV-1 infection in solid organ transplant donors and recipients in Spain 

      Mendoza, Carmen de; Roc, Lourdes; Benito, Rafael; Reina, Gabriel; Ramos, José M.; Gómez, Cesar; Soriano, Vicente ; Corral, Octavio Jorge ; al.; Gómez-Gallego, Felix (BMC Invectious Diseases, 09/08/2019)
      Background: HTLV-1 infection is a neglected disease, despite infecting 10-15 million people worldwide and severe illnesses develop in 10% of carriers lifelong. Acknowledging a greater risk for developing HTLV-1 associated ...
    • Predictors of Hepatitis C Treatment Failure After Using Direct-Acting Antivirals in People Living With Human Immunodeficiency Virus 

      Cachay, Edward R.; Mena, Alvaro; Morano, Luis; Benitez, Laura; Maida, Ivana; Ballard, Craig; Soriano, Vicente ; al.; Mathews, Wm. C. (Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 03/2019)
      Background. Little is known about the influence of ongoing barriers to care in the persistence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) viremia after treatment with direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) among people living with human ...
    • Preface 

      Sim, Kevin; Kaufmann, Paul; Ascheid, Gerd; Bacardit, Jaume; Cagnoni, Stefano; Cotta, Carlos; D’Andreagiovanni, Fabio; al.; Mora, Antonio M (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018)
      21st International Conference on Applications of Evolutionary Computation, EvoApplications 2018; parma; Italy; 4 April 2018 through 6 April 2018
    • Prevalence, characteristics, and impact of adverse events in 34 Madrid hospitals. The ESHMAD study 

      Valencia-Martín, José Lorenzo; Vicente-Guijarro, Jorge; San José Saras, Diego; Moreno-Nuñez, Paloma; Pardo, Alberto; Aranaz Andrés, Jesús María; al.; Pardo Ortiz, María (European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2022)
      Introduction: Adverse Events (AE) are one of the main problems in healthcare. Therefore, many policies have been developed worldwide to mitigate their impact. The Patient Safety Incident Study in Hospitals in the Community ...
    • Rapid subacute myelopathy following kidney transplantation from HTLV-1 donors: role of immunosuppresors and failure of antiretrovirals 

      Roc, Lourdes; Mendoza, Carmen de; Fernández-Alonso, Miriam; Reina, Gabriel; Soriano, Vicente ; Rodriguez, C.; al.; Corral, Octavio Jorge ; Gómez-Gallego, Felix (Therapeutic Advances in Infectious Disease, 08/2019)
      Two kidney transplant recipients from a single donor became infected with HTLV-1 (human T-lymphotropic virus type 1) in Spain. One developed myelopathy 8 months following surgery despite early prescription of antiretroviral ...
    • Smoking does not impact social and non-social cognition in patients with first episode psychosis 

      Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Teresa ; García-Portilla, M. Paz; Parellada, Mara; Bobes, Julio; Calvo, Ana ; Moreno-Izco, Lucía; al.; Balanza, Vicent (Schizophrenia Research, 09/2018)
      Background: Many studies having shown significant improvements in non-social and social cognitive performance in smoking FEP patients compared to non-smoking FEP patients. The findings are controversial. This study analyzed ...
    • The memory of Alvaro B. Marquez, forever, has works published, Researcher 

      Follari, Roberto; Kohan, Walter Omar; Márquez-Fernández, Alvaro B; Díaz-Montiel, Zulay C; Alonso, Jorge; Pallarés Piquer, Marc ; al. (Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana-Revista Internacional de Filosofía Iberoamericana y Teoría Social, 2019)
      Nota bibliográfica "The memory of Alvaro B. Marquez, forever, has works published, Researcher"
    • Update of the statements on biology and clinical impact of occult hepatitis B virus infection 

      Raimondo, Giovanni; Locarnini, Stephen; Pollicino, Teresa; Levrero, Massimo; Zoulim, Fabien; Lok, Anna S.; Soriano, Vicente ; al.; Taormina Workshop on Occult HBV Infection Faculty Members (Journal of Hepatology, 08/2019)
      In October 2018 a large number of international experts with complementary expertise came together in Taormina to participate in a workshop on occult hepatitis B virus infection (OBI). The objectives of the workshop were ...