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    • A corpus-based study of frequency in ELF students' writing: a case of distance learning 

      Stefanova Radoulska, Svetlana (1); Bobkina, Jelena(1) (Edulearn15: 7TH international conference on education and new learning technologies, 2015)
      Though a relatively new phenomenon in Spain, online university education has already managed to gain public acknowledgment. The International University of La Rioja (UNIR) is one of the few high educational institutions ...
    • A Multimodal Approach to Teach Novice Researchers How to Deal with Discussion Sessions in Conference Paper Presentations 

      Querol Julián, Mercedes (1) (6TH International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI 2013), 2013)
      The nature of spoken academic English is a complex construct if compared with its written counterparts, for example delivering a conference paper presentation and publishing an article in a journal. However, both are genres ...
    • A multimodal source to teach lecturing skills in english at universitya 

      Querol Julián, Mercedes (1) (Edulearn 14: 6TH international conference on education and new learning technologies, 2014)
      Lectures at university have changed dramatically in recent years. We can see how ICTs are central even in more traditional face to face settings. Moreover, an important step forward in this regard is the fact that nowadays ...
    • A Novel Android Application Design Based on Fuzzy Ontologies to Carry Out Local Based Group Decision Making Processes 

      Morente-Molinera, Juan Antonio (1); Wikstroem, R.; Carlsson, Christer; Cabrerizo, Francisco Javier; Perez, I. J.; Herrera-Viedma, Enrique (Modeling decisions for artificial intelligence, (MDAI 2016), 2016)
      The appearance of Web 2.0 and mobile technologies, the increase of users participating on the Internet and the high amount of available information have created the necessity of designing tools capable of making the most ...
    • A proposal for sentiment analysis on twitter for tourism-based applications 

      Guzmán De Núñez, Xiomarah Maria (1); Núñez-Valdez, Edward Rolando; Pascual Espada, Jordán; González-Crespo, Rubén (1); Garcia-Díaz, Vicente (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 2018)
      People rely on other people’s opinions to make decisions, especially if they belong to their circle of trust. In addition, there are lots of websites of recognized prestige that provide people opinions about different ...
    • A proposal of indicators to promote happiness in the classroom in higher education: a focus of professors’ opinions 

      Cerdá Suárez, Luis Manuel (1) (INTED Proceedings, 2019)
      Despite the widespread growth of interest in the analysis of academic programs and syllabuses in Europe and America, the behavior of professors and students is very different among several regions. From a local territorial ...
    • A proposal to facilitate the effective use of textbooks to future mathematics teachers 

      Arnal, M.; Arteaga Martínez, Blanca (1); Baeza, M. A.; Cid, A. I.; Claros, F. J.; Joglar, N.; Macías Sánchez, Jesús (1); al.; Tolmos, P. (Investigacion en educación matemática XX, 2016)
      20th Annual Symposium of the Spanish-Society-of-Research-in-Mathematical-Education (SEIEM)
    • A proposal: "AGRO-Erasmus" 

      López García, Jose Luis; Calzadilla Daguerre, Jesus(1); Villa Perez, Aurelio (Proceedings ICABR 2015: X. International conference on aplplied business research, 2015)
      The rural population is getting smaller as percentage of the total population in the countries. There is a constant depopulation of rural areas to urban areas. The most extreme data are in countries like USA, where the ...
    • A4Learning: a case study to improve the user performance Alumni Alike Activity Analytics to self-assess personal progress 

      de-la-Fuente-Valentín, Luis (1); Burgos, Daniel (1); González-Crespo, Rubén (1) (2014 14TH IEEE International conference on advanced learning technologies (ICALT), 2014)
      Students usually find difficult to estimate if their effort in learning courses finds the instructor expectations. They tend to estimate "if they are doing right" by comparing themselves with peers, but this is difficult ...
    • About television 

      Paz, Maria Antonia; Montero Díaz, Julio (1) (Comunicación y medios, 2017)
      About television
    • Accessibility evaluation of web content that support the mathematics, geometry and physics's teaching and learning 

      Baldiris, Silvia (1); Mancera, Laura (1); Vargas, David; Velez, Gloria (ICALT 2019, 2019)
      The use of ICT in the classroom has allowed new teaching strategies, including the use of interactive software. However, during the design and implementation of this type of software, existing standards or recommendations ...
    • Advantages and downsides of children ICT use in Spain: the parent's perspective 

      Plaza de la Hoz, Jesús (1) (3rd International Conference on Lifelong Education and Leadership for All (ICLEL), 2017)
      This paper aims at understanding the expectations of a group of parents, about possibilities and problems Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) present for their children. 'The article consists in a qualitative ...
    • Agreement between clinician-centred and patient-centred depressive symptoms scales 

      Arostegui, S; González-Fraile, Eduardo (1); Sanz-Arzuaga, C; Intxauspe, L; Ballesteros, Javier; Santos-Zorrozua, Borja (European Neuropsychopharmacology, 2019)
      Ponencia en el congreso "31st Congress of the European-College-of-Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)"
    • Alternative Modernities and Othered Masculinities in Mira Nair's The Namesake 

      Iglesias-Díaz, E. Guillermo (1) (Narratives of Difference in Globalized Culture: Reading Transnational Cultural Commodities, 2017)
      This chapter contributes to the unpacking of heterogeneous South Asian diasporic masculinities from post-9/11 Eurocentric monolithic and stereotypical representations, ranging from ‘the good non-Muslim migrant’ to the ‘the ...
    • An Approach to Assessment of Video Game-based Learning using Structural Equation Model 

      Bolívar Barón, Holman; Castillo Salinas, Sandra; González-Crespo, Rubén (1) (Proceedings of the 2014 9TH iberian conference on information systems and technologies (CISTI 2014), 2014)
      Instructional activities should allow applying the knowledge acquired in the day by day and in real situations. Different studies evidence the potential impact of video games on learning, however very few empirical studies ...
    • An evidence of experiential learning in the classroom through geographical information systems 

      Cerdá Suárez, Luis Manuel (1) (ICERI Proceedings, 2019)
      From a comparative perspective, the recent application of didactic methodologies emphasizing the students' proactive immersion and their involvement during the course, reveal a growing interest in grasping how the students' ...
    • An Overview on Steffensen-Type Methods 

      Amat, Sergio; Busquier, Sonia; Magreñán, Á. Alberto (1); Orcos, Lara (1) (Advances in iterative methods for nonlinear equations, 2016)
      In this chapter we present an extensive overview of Steffensen-type methods. We first present the real study of the methods and then we present the complex dynamics related this type of methods applied to different ...
    • Analysis and characterization of project management in the Colombian enterprise context 

      Rincón-González, César; Díaz Piraquive, Flor Nancy; González-Crespo, Rubén (1) (CONIITI 2019, 2019)
      The scientific literature about Project Management highlights several research works around the performance of project management, typically from an exploratory perspective, with a limited statistical sample and developed ...
    • Analysis and Data Visualization of Labor Demand in Ecuadorian Territory 

      Pazmiño, Ana María (1); Díaz, César Orlando (2018 ICAI Workshops (ICAIW), 2018)
      This paper presents the experience of the data obtained on labor demand in Ecuador, the data were taken from a source of data publications made in a job posting website, encouraging the use of Web Scraping tools for the ...
    • Analytical bibliography on Luis Velez de Guevara and his dramatic work (1983-2015) 

      González Martínez, Javier J (1) (Luis Velez de Guevara, dramaturgo: homenaje de Córdoba a Robert Jammes, 2017)
      La presente colección de trabajos quiere marcar un nuevo hito en el trayecto crítico en torno al dramaturgo Luis Vélez de Guevara, quien, según Quevedo, figuró en su día con Lope y Calderón como el tercer miembro del gran ...