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dc.contributor.authorSanta María Fernández, María Teresa (1)
dc.description.abstractJosé Bergamin was an important figure of the commonly named Generation of the Republic and of the Spanish Exile of 1939. His dramatic career was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War. His avant-garde aesthetics, his support of the Republican side during the war, and his postwar exile can help to explain the relative oblivion into which his theatrical work has fallen, a feature shared with other exiled Spanish writers. However, in Bergamfn's case, his different host countries-Mexico, Uruguay, and France-, his loyalty to Republican ideas, which he defended until his death, and the lack of interest in his dramatic work help to account for the fact that he himself reluctantly accepted that his plays had been ignored and forgotten. While uncovering three unpublished dramas written by Bergamin may not be a difficult task, a more challenging undertaking than finding them resides in preventing another kind of oblivion: one in which these texts by Bergamfn remain unpublished and unavailable, if not for an audience, at least for possible readers. (MTSF). Tres textos teatrales inéditos de josé bergamín: Ramón ramírez o la reputación, el triunfo de las Germanías y donde una voz se apaga. Available from: [accessed Aug 10, 2017].es_ES
dc.publisherAnales de la Literatura Española Contemporaneaes_ES
dc.titleTres textos teatrales inéditos de José Bergamín: Ramón Ramírez o la reputación, el triunfo de las Germanías y donde una voz se apagaes_ES
dc.typeArticulo Revista Indexadaes_ES

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