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dc.contributor.authorGarcía Sánchez, María (1)
dc.contributor.authorSanta María Fernández, María Teresa (1)
dc.contributor.authorCalvo Tello, J. (1)
dc.contributor.authorFernandez Merino, M. (1)
dc.contributor.authorSimon Parra, M. (1)
dc.description.abstractThe Humanities and Digital Edition Group (GHEDI, for its acronym in Spanish) from the International University of La Rioja is currently working on the BETTE project, which aims at the creation of an Electronic Textual Library of Theatre in Spanish (1868-1936). Among its objectives we find the study and systematization of resources, which may be used to implement quality digital editing of literary texts in the educational system. Editing electronic texts in TEI allows a greater versatility as editors, and the simple creation of different educational resources through a direct approach that allows us to assess the different elements of text comprehension, lexicon or grammar, to be used in classroom as a learning tool at all levels of teaching, improving the visibility and legibility of such complex texts as theatrical works. In this communication we will offer a proposal where one can see, on the one hand, the process followed to highlight the role of the characters in the play through colours, and on the other hand, as support to classroom work, from a survey of different professional educators about the effectiveness of this system for an easier and more comprehensive reading of dramatic texts, which a priori, are difficult to understand by secondary or high school students. Using both, chromatic editing of Electra (1901) by Galdos in TEI and the analysis of the results of the surveys, will allow us to assess the degree of acceptance, support and improvement of the comprehension and analysis process of the opposite relationship between main characters in the play, through colour as a connecting link and differentiation of the characters in play-acting, the more visual, pragmatic and intuitive vision of the play, as well as the possibilities that digital editing in TEI can offer to teachers and students.es_ES
dc.publisherINTED2016: 10TH International technology, education and development conferencees_ES
dc.subjectdigital editiones_ES
dc.titleProposal for reading and chromatic visualization: analysis of the structures of theatrical game in galdos' electraes_ES

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