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    • Un estudio en la educación primaria y secundaria obligatoria (6º, 7º y 8º de EGB) de Andalucía, Cantabria y Galicia 

      Repetto Talavera, Elvira (Revista Española de Pedagogía, 01/1997)
      Nowadays, it is more and more frequent to find research on metacognitive strategies. In this article we present an experimental study about the student significative gains on some pedagogical and cognitive variables after ...
    • Aprendizaje cooperativo y desarrollo moral 

      Ortega Ruiz, Pedro; Mínguez Vallejos, Ramón; Gil Martínez, Ramón (Revista Española de Pedagogía, 05/1997)
      The present paper is the result of an investigation on cooperative learning towards moral development among students of 3rd B.U.P. (16 year olds, final course of secondary schooling in Spain). The need to overcome a too ...
    • El valor del multiculturalismo en educación 

      Arregui, Jorge V. (Revista Española de Pedagogía, 01/1997)
      Both the European integration and the demands of the cultural minorities within each state led us to live in multicultural societies. The paper analyses the different consequences upon educational model of considering ...