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dc.contributor.authorTourón, Javier (1)
dc.contributor.authorTourón, Marta
dc.description.abstractThis study has two main objectives. First one to carry out a conceptual review of the literature together with the work done in Spain by the authors about the identification model known in the international literature as Talent Search model or concept. This model created by J. C. Stanley in the early 70s has led to a huge development in the identification of verbal and mathematical talent of young people, in order to provide the appropriate educational provision their ability needs. Far from being an American model, in this paper we show, and this is the second objective, through data from several years of implementation of the model in Spain, that it can be considered a universal model, based among others in the principle of above or out of level measurement. Using this above level measurement, we can adequately discriminate the diverse ability of the students tested, that when measured alone with in level testing, is masked due to lack difficulty and discrimination of the tests used. Some suggestions for large-scale use of these procedures in schools arc provided.es_ES
dc.publisherAnales de Psicologíaes_ES
dc.relation.ispartofseries;vol. 32, nº 3
dc.subjectverbal talentes_ES
dc.subjectmathematical talentes_ES
dc.subjecttalent searches_ES
dc.subjectcentre for talented youthes_ES
dc.subjectabove level testinges_ES
dc.titleIdentification of Verbal and Mathematical Talent: The Relevance of 'Out of Level' Measurementes_ES
dc.typeArticulo Revista Indexadaes_ES

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