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    • A proposal to facilitate the effective use of textbooks to future mathematics teachers 

      Arnal, M.; Arteaga Martínez, Blanca (1); Baeza, M. A.; Cid, A. I.; Claros, F. J.; Joglar, N.; Macías Sánchez, Jesús (1); al.; Tolmos, P. (Investigacion en educación matemática XX, 2016)
      20th Annual Symposium of the Spanish-Society-of-Research-in-Mathematical-Education (SEIEM)
    • About television 

      Paz, Maria Antonia; Montero Díaz, Julio (1) (Comunicación y medios, 2017)
      About television
    • Advanced Sensors Technology in Education 

      González-Crespo, Rubén (1); Burgos, Daniel (1) (Sensors, 2019)
      The topic presented will show how different kinds of sensors can help to improve our skills in learning environments. When we open the mind and let it take the control to be creative, we can think how a martial art would ...
    • Allergic-dermatological symptoms and psychological variables in fibromyalgia: A preliminary study of their relationship 

      Becerra-García, Juan Antonio (1) (Indian Journal of Rheumatology, 2019)
      Carta del editor.
    • Bibliometric studies and worldwide research trends on global health 

      Salmerón-Manzano, Esther (1); Manzano-Agugliaro, Francisco (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 09/08/2020)
      Global health, conceived as a discipline, aims to train, research and respond to problems of a transboundary nature in order to improve health and health equity at the global level. The current worldwide situation is ruled ...
    • Decolonising the state: subversion, mimicry and criminality 

      Galván-Álvarez, Enrique (1); Birk Laursen, Ole; Ridda, María (Postcolonial Studies, 2020)
      Editorial de la Revista "Postcolonial Studies. vol. 23, nº 2"
    • Economy, management and marketing in sports organizations 

      Fernandez-Gavira, Jesus; Galvez-Ruiz, Pablo (1); Garcia-Fernandez, Jeronimo; Garcia-Villar, Jaume (Revista de psicología del deporte, 2016)
      Economy, management and marketing in sports organizations
    • HTLV testing of solid organ transplant donors 

      Mendoza, Carmen de; Roc, Lourdes; Fernández-Alonso, Miriam; Soriano, Vicente (1) (Clinical Transplantation, 2019)
      Carta al editor
    • Introduction 

      León Gómez, Alicia (1) (Revista de Historiografia, 2012)
      Introducción al número de la Revista de Historiografía volumen 17, número 2 del año 2012
    • Pioneer in Happiness Research in Latin America 

      Rojas, Mariano (1) (Applied Research in Quality of Life, 2019)
      I consider myself a social scientist who is interested in human happiness; whatever is relevant to people’s happiness attracts my attention. I understand happiness as a living experience human beings have rather than as ...
    • Preface 

      Burgos, Daniel (1); Ducange, Pietro; Picerno, Pietro; Stracke, Christian M; Cimitile, Marta; Pecori, Ricardo; Raviolo, Paolo (Communications in Computer and Information Science, 2019)
      Editorial del libro "Communications in Computer and Information Science. vol. 1091"
    • Return to work guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic 

      Rueda-Garrido, Juan Carlos; Vicente-Herrero, Mª Teofila; Campo, Mª Teresa del; Reinoso-Barbero, Luis (1); Hoz, Rafael E de la; Delclos, George L; Kales, Stefanos N; Fernandez-Montero, Alejandro (Occupational medicine (Oxford, England), 01/06/2020)
      Editorial de Occupational medicine (Oxford, England), volumen 70, número 5
    • Sección de monográficos y suplementos, Economía, gestión y márketing en organizaciones deportivas 

      Fernández-Gavira, Jesús; Gálvez-Ruiz, Pablo (1); García-Fernández, Jerónimo; García-Villar, Jaume (Revista de Psicologia del Deporte, 2016)
      Editorial de la Revista de Psicología del Deporte, volumen 25, suplemento 1.