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dc.contributor.authorBurgos, Daniel (1)
dc.description.abstractEducational technology is the right couple to radical innovation (Saettler, 1968; Ely, 1990; Huang et al. 2019). Thanks to appropriate technology in the smart context with the best fit to the target audience, education can be drastically improved, meaning a better performance, competence achievement, match with the user’s expectations and with the market needs. Serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality, remote labs, online learning, blockchain, mobile learning, and many other key technologies allow for a better explanation of so many subjects, as well as complete student involvement and a teacher full engagement in the educational system (Balamuralithara & Woods, 2009; Akçayır & Akçayır, 2017; Chen et al. 2018; Kabassi, & Alepis, 2020). Technology gives another angle to the same content, provides the user with a personalised experience and pushes the limits of knowledge a little further every time.es_ES
dc.publisherRadical Solutions and Learning Analytics. Lecture Notes in Educational Technologyes_ES
dc.titleEditorial: Educational technology as the key to enhanced learninges_ES
dc.typeArticulo Revista Indexadaes_ES

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