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dc.contributor.authorCastillo-Rodríguez, Alfonso (1)
dc.contributor.authorHernandez-Mendo, Antonio
dc.contributor.authorTorres-Luque, Gema
dc.contributor.authorAlvero-Cruz, José Ramón
dc.description.abstractPaddle-tennis is a new sport that people gradually practices in the world. Moreover, mood states are different in every racket sport. Authors have explained the importance of "Iceberg profile" attributed by Morgan (1985). However, there is a controversy because other authors explain that there are not any differences among performance levels. The aim of this study was to assess the mood states prior to the match to paddle-tennis players according to the level of competition. Sixty-two paddle-tennis players from different levels participated voluntarily in this study. Profile of Mood States questionnaire (POMS) has been used to assess the mood states prior competition. The athletes completed POMS one hour before the match. One-way ANOVA test was performed to test significant differences in the six scales of mood states between different levels (C1, C2 and C3). The main result showed that depression and anger states were higher in C1 (45.63+/-8.46 and 51.69+/-9.87) than C2 (40.44+/-3.03 and 45.67+/-7.85; p<0.05; respectively). There were no differences in other scales of POMS. Vigor score was higher than 50 points in C1 (50.63+/-6.73), C2 (50.89+/-6.94) and C3 (52.03+/-7.74). Each category had " Iceberg profile", however two states were altered. Some studies claim that different athletes do not show "Iceberg Profile" prior to the competition. Nevertheless, there are no studies reporting what state explains performance when the vigour state is high in all cases. We conclude, therefore, paddle-tennis players have adequate psychological conditions prior to the competition (Iceberg Profile), whereas that other negative states increase.es_ES
dc.publisherProceedings book of the 14TH ITTF sports science congress and 5TH world racket sports congresses_ES
dc.subjectmood stateses_ES
dc.subjectperformance leveles_ES
dc.titleMood States in Paddle-Tennis Competition: Differences by Performance Leveles_ES

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