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  • Investment in advertising, challenges for 21st century television 

    Iniesta-Alemán, Isabel; Marta-Lazo, Carmen; Zaro Becas, María de la Cruz (Abya Yala, 27/09/2018)
    The finance and management of public channels of television is a trending topic in Spain. In accordance with European regulation, advertising was excluded from public national channels from 2010, changing, therefore, the ...
  • Absorptive capacity: a literature review and a model of its determinants 

    Zapata Rotundo, Gerardo J.; Hernández Arias, Aymara (Abya Yala, 27/09/2018)
    This article aims to carry out a review of the literature on one of the most relevant concepts in the study of organizational behavior that emerged from the work of Cohen & Levinthal (1990). We refer to absorptive capacity, ...
  • Migration: challenges and opportunities from the perspective of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

    Canelón Silva, Agrivalca Ramsenia; Almansa Martínez, Ana (Abya Yala, 27/09/2018)
    In line with the growing consensus that a post in the 2015 development agenda demands the approach of contemporary international migration with the aim of reducing poverty and inequality, while fighting against discrimination, ...