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dc.contributor.authorMartínez Sánchez, Alina de las Mercedes (1)
dc.description.abstractPeople of 65 years and above now comprise a greater share of the world's population than ever before, and this proportion will increase during the 21st century. In Spain, between 55 and 90% of the elderly consume a drug. This study characterizes the use of drugs by elderly through dispensing data at the community pharmacy. This study was conducted at a community pharmacy in Madrid, Spain in 2011. A retrospective and descriptive consumption study was conducted using computerized pharmacy dispensing records for all pensioner patients. Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification code of all drugs dispensed was recorded in this database accordingly and this classification was used. The 10 most widely used ATC subgroups (2nd level) were determined. These most widely used ATC subgroups were examined using ATC-codes of the 5th level, thus mostly consumed drugs were estimated. A total of 40, 177 drugs were dispensed to patients with prescriptions for pensioners. Antiinflammatory and analgesic were by far the most widely used drugs: 37.2% of all elderly used drugs from this subgroup. The use of drugs from the remaining nine subgroups was considerably lower, ranging from 9.0% (drugs for obstructive airway diseases) to 4.5% (antineoplastic and beta blocking agents). Cardiac therapy and psycholeptic were used by 7.8%. Diuretic were used by 7.5% of elderly people, while antibacterial for systemic use and psycoanaleptic were used by 5.6%. Psychoanaleptics was consumed in 5.6%, mostly represented by venlafaxine and citalopram. According to the dispensing data, drug use in this sample is similar to that reported by other studies conducted in Spain and abroad. Majority of the elderly were exposed to anti-inflammatory, analgesic and drugs for obstructive airway diseases. Other ATC-subgroups for treatment of cardiovascular conditions were used. This study demonstrates the need for involvement of pharmacists to ensure efficacy and safety in the use of drugs by sensitive populations such as elderly at the community setting.es_ES
dc.relation.ispartofseries;vol. 33, nº 5
dc.subjectcommunity pharmacyes_ES
dc.subjectdrug usees_ES
dc.titleElderly drug utilization in the community assessed through pharmacy dispensing data.es_ES
dc.typeArticulo Revista Indexadaes_ES

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