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    • Estrategias didácticas para adquirir conocimientos 

      Tejada Fernández, José (Revista Española de Pedagogía, 30/09/2000)
      This article is about how to achieve knowledge using didactic strategies. It is organized in two main issues of content. First preliminary views, where we can distinguish several types of knowledge and its acquisition ...
    • Estrategias didácticas para la adquisición de valores 

      Tort Raventos, Lluís (Revista Española de Pedagogía, 30/09/2000)
      Educating in values is always essential, but finding the strategies that are needed to acquire this education is nowadays fundamental. Humans with education should grow as a person: the more knowledge they acquire to become ...
    • Estrategias creativas para la educación emocional 

      Torre de la Torre, Saturnino de la (Revista Española de Pedagogía, 30/09/2000)
      Emotional education is an outstanding place of the actual culture and social needs. Technology, emotion and change are three conceptual keys of our society of information. These are the theoretical referents of this report. ...