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dc.contributor.authorArgyros, Ioannis K
dc.contributor.authorMagreñán, Á. Alberto (1)
dc.description.abstractThe study of iterative methods began several years ago in order to find the solutions of problems where mathematicians cannot find a solution in closed form. In this way, different studies related to different methods with different behaviors have been presented over the last decades. Convergence conditions have become one of the most studied topics in recent mathematical research. One of the most well-known conditions are the Kantorovich conditions, which has allowed many researchers to experiment with all kinds of conditions. In recent years, several authors have studied different modifications of the mentioned conditions considering inter alia, Hölder conditions, alpha-conditions or even convergence in other spaces. In this monograph, the authors present the complete work within the past decade on convergence and dynamics of iterative methods. It acts as an extension of their related publications in these areas. The chapters are self-contained and can be read independently. Moreover, an extensive list of references is given in each chapter, in order to allow the reader to refer to previous ideas. For these reasons, several advanced courses can be taught using this book. This book intends to find applications in many areas of applied mathematics, engineering, computer science and real problems. As such, this monograph is suitable for researchers, graduate students and seminars in the above subjects, and it would be an excellent addition to all science and engineering libraries.es_ES
dc.publisherNova Science Publisherses_ES
dc.titleIterative algorithms IIes_ES

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