• Advances in hepatitis B therapeutics 

      Soriano, Vicente ; Barreiro, Pablo; Cachay, Edward R.; Kottilil, Shyamasundaran; Fernandez-Montero, José V.; Mendoza, Carmen de (Therapeutic Advances in Infectious Disease, 10/2020)
      Despite the availability of both effective preventive vaccines and oral antivirals, over 250 million people are chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV). Globally, chronic hepatitis B is the leading cause of ...
    • Jerome Lejeune passed away 25 years ago 

      Soriano, Vicente (Hereditas, 06/06/2019)
      During the past 60 years, modern genetics has steadily evolved from diagnostics to therapeutics. However, treatment of genetic disorders is still in its infancy, with the advent of genome editing as its greatest promise.