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    • The five HIV cures 

      Treviño, Ana; Soriano, Vicente (Aids Reviews, 2022)
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    • Treatment of hepatitis delta and HIV infection 

      Soriano, Vicente; de Mendoza, Carmen; Treviño, Ana; Ramos-Rincón, José-Manuel; Moreno-Torres, Víctor; Corral, Octavio Jorge; Barreiro, Pablo (Liver International, 2023)
      Hepatitis delta virus (HDV) is a defective agent that only infects individuals with hepatitis B virus (HBV). Around 5–10% of chronic hepatitis B patients worldwide are superinfected with HDV, which means 15–25 million ...
    • Trends in hospitalizations and deaths in HIV-infected patients in Spain over two decades 

      Ramos-Rincón, José-Manuel; Menchi-Elanzi, Maroune; Pinargote-Celorio, Héctor; Mayoral, Asunción; González-Alcaide, Gregorio; de Mendoza, Carmen; Barreiro, Pablo; Gómez-Gallego, Felix ; Corral, Octavio Jorge ; Soriano, Vicente (AIDS, 02/2022)
      Background: The prognosis of HIV infection dramatically improved after the introduction of triple antiretroviral therapy 25 years ago. Herein, we report the impact of further improvements in HIV management since then, ...
    • Viral hepatitis in persons living with HIV in the post-COVID era 

      Soriano, Vicente; Moreno-Torres, Víctor; de Mendoza, Carmen; Corral, Octavio Jorge; Barreiro, Pablo (AIDS reviews, 2023)
      Coinfection with hepatitis viruses A to E is frequent in persons living with HIV (PLWH) and causes significant morbidity and mortality. Oro-fecal transmissible hepatitis A and E mostly produce acute self-limited episodes ...