• Alternative Modernities and Othered Masculinities in Mira Nair's The Namesake 

      Iglesias-Díaz, E. Guillermo (1) (Narratives of Difference in Globalized Culture: Reading Transnational Cultural Commodities, 2017)
      This chapter contributes to the unpacking of heterogeneous South Asian diasporic masculinities from post-9/11 Eurocentric monolithic and stereotypical representations, ranging from ‘the good non-Muslim migrant’ to the ‘the ...
    • Ireland and the Irish in popular cinema (1910-1970) 

      Iglesias-Díaz, E. Guillermo (1) (Estudios Irlandeses, 2018)
      Reseña de "Irlanda y los irlandeses en el cine popular (1910-1970)" de Carlos Menéndez Otero por E. Guillermo Iglesias-Díaz .