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    • Analyzing the Scientific Evolution of Social Work Using Science Mapping 

      Martínez Sánchez, María Ángeles; Cobo, Manuel Jesús; Herrera Gómez, Manuel; Herrera-Viedma, Enrique (Research on Social Work Practice, 03/2015)
      Objectives: This article reports the first science mapping analysis of the social work field, which shows its conceptual structure and scientific evolution. Methods: Science Mapping Analysis Software Tool, a bibliometric ...
    • Product Differentiation in a Regulated Market: A Welfare Analysis 

      Hamoudi, Hamid; Rodriguez Iglesias, Isabel Ma; Sanz Martin-Bustamante, Marcos (International Advances in Economic Research, 11/2011)
      This article analyses both a circular and a linear market where consumers are distributed along the whole space, whilst firms are located in a region restricted by the regulator. We consider a three stage game in which ...
    • Learning to Believe: Challenges in Children’s Acquisition of a World-Picture in Wittgenstein’s On Certainty 

      Ariso Salgado, José María (Studies in Philosophy and Education, 10/09/2014)
      Wittgenstein scholars have tended to interpret the acquisition of certainties, and by extension, of a world-picture, as the achievement of a state in which these certainties are assimilated in a seemingly unconscious way ...